Project #3: Bullet Journal

Ever since I started planning my wedding, I have been totally obsessed with Pinterest and it would seem that things about Bullet Journals are becoming more of a feature on there. Most of the pins that I have seen are ridiculously beautiful which is something that I would love to do but I think it is important to start by trying to create a very simple bullet journal and then flesh it out as I use it more and see what works for me.

I had quite a few pins on Pinterest on the theme of Bullet Journals but there is only so much that one can say about it and some I found more useful than others. A list of the sites I found most useful can be found at the bottom of this entry. After reading through every site that I had pinned, I came up with a list of pages (or collections as they are called) which were necessary to get me started; the beauty of the system is that I can add more whenever and wherever they become necessary.

As I am new to the world of Bullet Journals, I decided that it would be useful to write my key on a post-it note to move from page-to-page until I became familiar with all of the notation. The original method uses dots but it would seem that boxes are used more often and, honestly, they feel as though they work a bit better…. maybe I will decide that boxes are too much and try dots after a while… time will tell.

As I will be starting Bible College as well as continuing my degree, trying to do a class in Sign Language, and doing a qualification through my workplace, an academic diary is going to work better for my needs so the intention is for my journal to run July – June.

Setting up the journal took a little bit longer than I had expected but it should be pretty easy to use effectively now that it is sorted.

To start with, I have the following pages / collections:

  • My name with my phone number and email address
  • An index page followed by 2 blank pages for more indexing. Thinking about it, my notebook only has 76 pages and there are 40 lines to a page so 3 pages might be a little bit generous but it will be a learning experience…
  • A year at a glance calendar
  • An important dates page
  • A future log
  • My first monthly log which is curently blank as I lead a boring life and don’t have anything currently planned for July

That’s all for the moment but I imagine that I will fill the pages quickly and have lots of ideas of things to include.

Until next time,

Mrs C-T xx


P.s. Here are the links that I found most useful

Cerries Mooney

Lazy Genius Collective

Hannah Lane

The Original Bullet Journal

Band Aids Don’t Fix Bullet Journals



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