Project #1 : Temperature Blanket

For those of you that haven’t come across the idea of a temperature blanket, you crochet your blanket using a key so what colour you use depends on what temperature it is. Commonly, the blanket will be representative of 1 year with 1 row equally 1 day.

I decided that I wanted to crochet a blanket for my first year of marriage so I decided that I would use the temperature of whatever city my husband and I were in for each day i.e. when we were on honeymoon, we used the temperature in Rhodes rather than in our home city.

The hardest part was choosing the colours and creating a key. I was lucky to find a guide on Stitching in the Woods for a city not too distant to where I live so I used their temperature ranges. As for choosing the colours, I liked the idea of the blanket being rainbow-coloured so I picked out the colours of the rainbow from my local Hobbycraft store picking-up just one 100g skein of each colour because I am not too bothered about exact dye matches and there is no way of knowing how much of each colour I will need. To compensate for the fact that there are 10 temperature ranges and only 7 colours in the rainbow, I chose several shades of our favourite colour, green.

When I begun, I didn’t consider that even a row of single crochet without much height would create quite a big blanket when there are 365 rows! I have done almost 2 months and the blanket is growing very nicely; I am expecting it to be about 150cm x 200cm when it is completed.

I will post occassional updates on my progress so keep an eye out for that.

Until next time,

Mrs C-T xx


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